The General Public 2015

On the eve of Trinidad and Tobago’s general election, artist Richard Mark Rawlins showed two works at Alice Yard, Port of Spain, The Kamlaflage Jacket and #didyouhearyuhself. Rawlins sought to close a loop of political exploration that he began in the lead-up to the 2010 elections with the ‘Button Project’. Sept 1-4, 2015. Rawlins’s KAMLAFLAGE Jacket — a new work created in 2015 — is “a visual response to the ubiquitous political modus operandi of using subterfuge and smoke and mirrors to divert public attention away from the real, substantive issues of the day. The piece is an optical illusion of sorts that utilizes a subversive image of the country’s prime minister 2010-2015, Kamla Persad-Bissessar (only seen on closer inspection ) to create a camouflage “Kamlaflage” pattern. The second work shown was #didyouhearyuhself 2014, previously shown at the 2014 Jamaica National Biennial,  a series of 35 text-based works “inspired by the political soundbites, reportage and utterances of a number of Trinidad and Tobago’s government representatives.” Download the catalog for #didyouhearyuhself here.

An Instagram Review- doing things in Alice Yard is a brave proposition on any level of installation; because Alice Yard is designed in particular pockets which gives the #space interlocking independence, constructing a synergistic space, needs to take into account multiple #discourses and characteristics…tonight’s #presentation wasn’t about the nuances of installation politics, but about politics, state #politics#calypso…commentary…this is a brave piece of political work developed in the style Richard is best at. It’s bold, funny, sad and a good damn laugh at what we have as a state, of our affairs…I’ll consider a look… Dean Arlen, Installation Artist

images courtesy Rendel Gonzales