Resting on our Laurels, Version 1

Resting on our Laurels, Version 1, OUT OF PLACE, ACTION #5
12 Prince and Oxford, Style 0019, size 14, khaki school pants, spray paint, orange clothes line, 24 clothes pins, one mango tree, one breadfruit tree and an empty lot.

“…Resting on our laurels is a social commentary work on the way we utilize the knowledge that we gain in school. We are taught all these wonderful subjects, inclusive of the sciences, and of course social studies, but when we get around to being adults and administrators of our public space and society at large that education goes out the window as we go for the immediate, easily compliable and often ‘doltish’ solutions to problems. So each day becomes the same ‘khaki pants’ in a sense. #restingonourlaurels #samekhakipants #airingourdirtylinen #shitdontstick. The ’vagrancy of art’, What is left and what becomes of a space now utilized by the homeless?…..the noticeable sculptures and structures, of vagrant cook stoves and ad hoc clothes lines as they prepare their meals and wash their clothes using canal water, water collected in old sinks or leftover throughs…

Dirty laundry in public …and why I like contemporary art

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Alice Yard’s 10th anniversary project X is a sequence of informal collaborations between various artists, who choose to engage us, asking questions that seek to alter the public’s relationship to artistic investigation and experimentation. What would happen if we dislodge the artwork from traditional forms of display/encounter and locations, dismantle mythologies of sole authorship and propose the status of the art object or action as an instigative “event” ? OUT OF PLACE is co-curated by Alice Yard yearX artist in residence, Blue Curry and Alice Yard’s co-director and artist Christopher Cozier.